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001_CarlsbadFountainLightningWelcome to The Art of Night Photography, the Blog dedicated to the practice of night photography.

This Blog draws on my 23+ years experience of photographing exclusively at night, as well as my 10+ years experience in teaching classes and workshops on night photography.

Through regular posts, we will explore a wide range of topics dealing with both the technical and the artistic challenges inherent in nighttime and low light photography.

On each post, I will share my experience on a single topic of nighttime image making, and present one of my images as an example. I will also suggest an exercise to help you learn from your own experience.

We will examine black-and-white and color images. We will also cover the technical aspects of capturing images with film and digital cameras. Occasionally we will delve into image production techniques in Adobe Photoshop.

Creating nighttime images is not just a technical venture. We will spend time discussing approaches to image content, composition and impact.

Typically I enhance my black-and-white images through tinting and toning. I do this digitally with custom color profiles created in my Mac App “SuiteProfiler”, which is available in the Mac App Store. I will share my thoughts on this from time to time.

This Blog is designed to address all levels of photographic experience, but we will keep it simple. You will need no expensive or specialized equipment to do the exercises.

So stay tuned, there is a lot to learn about this discovery process called “The Art of Night Photography.”

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