SuiteProfiler Overview

SuiteProfiler is a simple and powerful Mac application that allows you to create a Suite of custom color-accurate ICC Profiles, aka Color Map Profiles.

A Suite of Color Map Profiles supplements the profiling environment of an existing full color ICC Profile.

This empowers you with the tools to easily profile and present any digital image in a variety of ways without image editing.

SuiteProfiler can be purchased from the Mac App Store.

Each Color Map Profile is derived from a user defined Color Map. A Color Map specifies how Luminance Input is mapped to Color Output. A Color Map Profile prints or converts an image using the color mapping defined by the Color Map.

Color Map Profiles can be applied to both color and grayscale digital images in any system and application environment which supports color profiling.

In SuiteProfiler:
• You design a device independent Color Map
• You preview the effects of the Color Map on your image
• You export a device dependent Color Map Profile derived from the Color Map
• You can create a Suite of Color Map Profiles from a variety of Color Maps

• You have a Suite of Color Map Profiles for a unique profiling environment (e.g. printer, ink and paper combination)
• You use the Color Map Profiles to soft proof and print images in any imaging application that supports profiling (e.g. Adobe Photoshop)

• You create a Suite of metallic-looking Color Maps for copper, bronze, and silver
• You preview the effects of the Color Maps on your own images
• You export a Suite of three metallic-looking Color Map Profiles for printing on Epson Glossy Paper using an Epson Printer
• You use the Color Map Profiles in Adobe Photoshop to soft proof and print metallic renditions of any of your color or grayscale images