Purchasing Prints

All images in the Portfolio Galleries are for sale. Prints are signed, unmatted, and unframed.

Prices include shipping in the Continental US. Contact me for pricing for shipping outside the US.

  • Photo Prints                $99
  • Photogravure Prints  $149
  • Photo Prints are approx 6″x9″ image on 8.5″x11″ photo paper.
  • Photogravure Prints are approx 5″x7.5″ image on 11″x17″ etching paper.
  • For a purchase of multiple prints, subtract $20 per additional print.

To order click “Pay Now” below. Enter the Amount then select your payment preference. In PayPal add a “Note to seller” and enter the Portfolio and Image Title for each image. If you are unable to do this, be sure to enter your email address and I will contact you about the Image Titles.

Example Order:
  • Durango : Engine & Shooting Star   $99
  • Carlsbad : Railyard & Trains           $99
  • discount for 1 additional print        -$20
  • Total Purchase Price                     $178

Thank you!