SuiteProfiler Is Here !!!

I’m happy to announce that my latest Mac App is now available in the Mac App Store.

It’s called SuiteProfiler. It is a simple and powerful application for the creation of custom ICC Profiles, aka Color Map Profiles, to expand your potential for color profiling.

First you create a set of one or more device independent Color Maps, each defined by any set of colors you desire. Then you generate the device dependent Color Map Profiles, each derived from a Color Map.

A suite of Color Map Profiles supplements your use of an existing full color Printer or Display Profile. Color Map Profiles are ICC Profiles, and can be used for soft proofing, printing and converting both color and grayscale digital images. Color Map Profiles can be used in any system and application environment which supports color profiling.

Want more details? Just go to the Mac App Store, or my SuiteProfiler Overview page.